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Who is Lauren L?

Hi!  My name is Lauren L.  First of all, thank you for visiting this website.  I am so appreciative of those who have taken the time to read my posts.  And I am especially appreciative of those who have commented on them.  That is truly a humbling experience to read feedback.

I’ve received several requests from people to introduce myself and share a little about my experience with recovery.  Actually, the question is posed as, “Why don’t you have a page about yourself?”  And for this I have a great reason!  However, I do concede that I should write a little about myself, so I will.

The 11th and 12th Tradition of OA asks those members who publicly discuss 12 Step Recovery from food addiction to refrain from seeking fame or glory.  Tradition 12 reads, “Anonymity is the spiritual foundation of all our traditions.”  I believe this to be true and I would hate to ever use recovery to toot my own horn.  I love the principles behind all 12 Step groups and I seek to incorporate those principles in all my affairs.

To please the masses, I’ll talk a little about myself (like that is ever hard for me to do!).  That way everybody knows I’m on the up-and-up.

Lauren L's 5 year AA medallion!

I first came into recovery in Falls Church, VA.  There I began and worked the AA program.  My sobriety date is 1/12/07.  I have continually worked that program, with a sponsor, since that date.  At about 1 and ½ years in recovery, I moved back to my native city of Tampa, Fl.  Over the last couple years in AA I have uncovered unhealthy repetitive behaviors revolving sugary foods.  This occurred by working my 10th Step as suggested, which is on a daily basis.  These unhealthy behaviors extended to compulsive dieting, obsessive exercising, and an all-around lack of wellness regarding my body image and food.  And then finally, I was sick and tired of being sick and tired, and everything changed.

I took a pic of my workout pre-OA!  Crazy workout!

On 11/18/11, I started the OA program.

Lauren L's OA 24-HR chip!  YAY!

Perhaps you wonder, “Why is it that, with only a handful of months in OA, you write a blog?”

Well, the answer is simple.  12 Step programs are 12 Step programs.  The only thing different is the mood altering substance used.  It could be sex, drugs, booze, food, shopping, or whatever.  And the truth is that I can’t get or keep what I don’t give away for free.  I need to write this blog just as much as I need my OA food plan, my OA sponsor, my OA fellowship, and the OA tools/literature.  I write it because I need all of you to read it and comment and keep me focused on recovery.

If you take only one thing from this website, may it be that I appreciate you very much.  Without your support, I would not be a successful member of OA.  You play a huge role in my recovery.  Thank you!

If you are new to OA and struggling, you are not alone.  Please review the links available on the left-side of this website for some support.  Or feel free to email me at any time to discuss recovery.  Whatever you do, just keep coming back.  The promises are real.  The promises are true.  Stick around for the miracle and get BLOWN AWAY by the promise of recovery.

Your friend in recovery,

Lauren L


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  1. Cammie F

     /  July 15, 2013

    MY AA sobriety date is 07/13/2008, you have really inspired me to seek OA out. I love AA, and it sound so similiar to AA. I have a problem with my eating. It makes me really mad at times because I love to exercise, but I dont want to control my eating at times.


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