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We Are All Made of Stardust

And yet my worries are so important...

And yet my worries are so important…

The picture above is from NASA and you can read about it here if you would like.

It is a picture of the galaxy Messier 63, though it is also affectionately called the Sunflower Galaxy. NASA took this photo just a few weeks ago.

In other news I am literally writing this at 4AM Eastern and I am just completely unable to sleep. I keep thinking about how irritated I became today – angry, really. I became upset over (more…)

Daily Bread

Sitting for morning reflection is a time I speak with my Higher Power.

Sitting for morning reflection is a time I speak with my Higher Power.

Voices of Recovery does not ever let me down, and today’s reflection is one that fills my heart with pure joy. The quote is from the OA 12&12 on page 93 and it reads, “What do we say when we talk to God? We say whatever we feel like saying.” Boom!

Early on in recovery I used to be concerned that God might get bored with me rambling on about this challenge or that moment of fear or how grateful I felt or how much I love my cats or whatever. I don’t worry about those kinds of things anymore. Now I worry about really important stuff, like if I sound deep enough or humble enough to God. KIDDING. Well, I’m mostly kidding. I fully admit that there have been times when I have tried to make a situation sound better/worse in the midst of pleading for God to intervene, or times when I have conveniently omitted (more…)