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All Good

We, at Promise of Recovery, have been jam packed with life over the past several weeks.  We apologize for the delay…

And that is going to be the topic of my post today!  My life ROCKS!!!  I’m so grateful for the OA program.  Well, I guess I’m grateful for the gift of all 12 Step programs.  It is only through recovery that I have found myself back in college (GO USF BULLS!!), hanging out with a wonderful set of friends (I ❤ Tampa OA!), love is knocking on my door, and Petunya’s asthma is finally getting under control.  But, more important, I feel a connection with my Higher Power that is nearly indescribable.  And I love that.

Before I began working a 12 Step program I felt lost and unlovable.  No longer is that the case!  I have a purpose in life today.

And real quick, before I wrap this up, if you ever think that the promises of recovery can’t come true for you, please be advised that everyone is ENTITLED to all of the promises…so long as we remain in recovery and are willing.

Thank you for my recovery!  I love all of you very much!!  See you at the next meeting!

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  1. Sonya deT

     /  July 10, 2012

    I have struggled in many ways with my weight and body image for as long as I can remember. I have abused my body by starvation, obsessive exercise, binging and purging and eating so much I can’t look in the mirror the next day. Over the past few years I have managed to lose 138lbs, but have the sagging skin and flabby legs as a constant reminder of the abuse I have subjected myself to. I had a husband who although wasn’t cruel, was non supportive. Our marraige failed and I had a ray of light in my life. I was somewhat held accountable for the first time in my life and finished getting a majority of the weight off as we dated. Sometimes I delt with the emotional aspects of my addition and sometimes I just got off enough weight to coast by and fall back off the wagon becaue I knew I could skip eating for a week and fit back into the pants I liked to wear. Our relationship is long distance and I always felt better about myself in his presence. He is the only person who truly knows the tourment and struggles that go on in my head. I have explained that unlike an alcoholic who can just avoid his/her poison during recovery, a food addict is forced to take some “poison” daily. I know I have frustrated him in the past when a skip a meal here or there, but knowing he had my back and supported me was everything. Last nigh he dropped a bomshell on me and told me he has “given up” and although he still cares….when he asks me what I had for breakfast, he is just making conversation because he really just is done with the whole eating issue. I feel like he has given up and now I’m going to too. I don’t want to undo all my hard work but all I really ever did was somewhat fix the outside, not the inside. He said he just accepts I won’t live as long now becaue I am not eating healthily. It breaks my heart and my drive. I needed to know that ONE person had my back. So if you are a family member of a food addict, please don’t ever give up. Even if you are just there for occassional support, don’t turn your back please.

    • Miranda

       /  July 10, 2012

      I am sorry you feel abandoned. I too was “given up on” but you must remember not to give up on yourself. Someone will come along that cares enough not to “accept” that things are the way they are. I hope you find that person and also find yourself. Find someone that cares enough to educate themselves on how to help not hinder recovery. You should NEVER hear the words I “accept” it. Good Luck and God Bless


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