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On Writing

We have 9 Tools available to use for OA and one of them is writing.  Why is this such an important tool and when is best for me to use it?

Writing (and not just writing inventories) is a great way to better understand stressful situations and events that occur in our life.  Through the process of writing about topics like situations, feelings, or possible outcomes to life drama, we are better able to resolve inside of ourselves what is happening and why it affects us.

I write about good things, bad things, fun things, and even those things that are buried deep inside of me that I don’t ever want to disclose.  By putting on paper my feelings/actions I begin a process of healing and self-learning that I wouldn’t if I buried them deep inside of me.

In my past, compulsive actions with food or exercise have ruled my emotions.  OA gives me the choice to try a different approach to dealing with life on life’s terms.  I haven’t ever found a food to cure my woes long term.  It is only through engaging in the steps of OA and using the tools offered to me that I am able to find lasting serenity.

Have a wonderful New Year and I look forward to seeing all of you, my brothers and sisters in OA, in 2012.  Keep coming back!      

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