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Cleaning House

OA Step 4:  “Made a searching and fearless moral inventory of ourselves.”

Honest self-searching is the beginning to a fruitful relationship with our Higher Power.  It is imperative that we look at who we were, both in action and in emotion, so that we might bring forth a new awareness, vision, and grace as we re-enter society within our recovery.  Every successful business conducts audits and inventories, so why shouldn’t we do the same of ourselves?

Humility develops inside our spirit as we review our conduct by completing a rigorously honest inventory.  No longer do we find that we were victim to others, life, and circumstance.  We clearly see our part in situations.  Only by realizing what part we play in our various life dramas are we then able to cast the light of reason and growth upon the dark and gloomy areas of our nature.  Though too, sometimes we are brought into truth that early childhood events are no fault of ours and we are relieved of burdens we have carried for years.  Suddenly everything that was once distorted and fuzzy becomes clear and comprehendible.

Not a single person who completes Step 4 to the best of their abilities will say, “No – I feel no difference.”  It is a guarantee that to work this step a spiritual event will unfold.  Many say something like, “I’m not certain what happened, but I feel lighter.”  Upon the completion of our inventory we begin to experience a spiritual journey.  Step 4 ushers us into a part of the OA promises.  At the conclusion of this step we begin “moving beyond the food and the emotional havoc to a fuller living experience.”  -OA, Our Invitation To You

Thanks for reading!  See you at the next meeting!

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