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Blossoming Faith

I lovelovelove talking to people about the 12 Steps in recovery.  One of the most interesting conversations I have with recovery members is with someone who is working Step 2 for the very first time…and especially the one who arrives in OA already fitted with a set of religious or spiritual convictions.  These are the members I especially love to chat with.

You should have heard me go on and on when I first came into the rooms of OA.  I said, “I believe in God – a Power greater than myself – sure, I’ve already got one.  I’m way past Step 2.”

My sponsor chuckled and guided me to page 15 of the OA 12 & 12.  It read

“We religious ones had trouble because we believed in God’s existence, but we didn’t really believe God could and would deal with our compulsive eating.  Perhaps we didn’t believe that our compulsive eating was a spiritual problem, or we felt that God was concerned only with more important matters and expected us to control such a simple thing as our eating.” – OA 12 & 12 Pg 15

I went back to my sponsor and said, “But sponse, I’ve prayed real hard to God that I be skinny but I’ve always yo-yoed.  Prayer doesn’t work.”

To my surprise she replied, “So, you’ve been asking God to just take off all the fat on your body while you continue to eat whatever you want?”

Hmmm…I had to take some time to think on that one.

The next day at an OA meeting I sat next to a woman who had fought her disease of bulimia for over two decades.  After she shared with me some of her heart-wrenching story, I said, “That’s amazing you even have a throat left.”

She frowned.  “I don’t.  It’s all scar tissue.  But, what I do have is a 90 day abstinent chip that I picked up last week.  I’ve never made it more than a week without purging until I tried this program.  I’m recovering.”  She patted my knee.  “It’s all about action.”

And she was right!  Step 2 is about having faith that the actions others before us have taken will work for us, too.  Coming to believe in a Power greater than ourselves happens when we stop debating whether it works or not and we just start doing it, pretending that it does work.  Then, after taking action and seeing that it works, we begin to truly believe.

The key to Step 2 is willingness to have some faith.  That’s all.  The miracle of OA is available to any and all people who have a food issue and desire to stop eating compulsively.

“Burn the idea into the consciousness of every man that he can get well regardless of anyone.  The only condition is that he trust God and clean house.” –AA Big Book Pg 98


See you at the next meeting!  It works if you work it so work it ‘cause you’re worth it!!

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